About The Author

“Mary has a deep affection for India which began in her early teens and now she has an extensive knowledge of the country, especially of Hindu spiritual life. Her experience has been hard-won through personal residence with teachers and religious adepts to a degree far beyond the capacity of most Europeans. She has formed many friendships in India and gives untiring support in encouraging Indian people to be proud of their heritage and culture.”

Professor John Hurrell Crook
Awards in the U.K for research in animal behaviour and psychology.
The author of ‘The Yogins of Ladakh’ (1997) and ‘World Crisis and Buddhist Humanism’ (2009).
Honoured by Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Art, Culture, and Languages for lifetime
contributions to the study of Ladakhi (Indian) culture.

“Love’s Mysterious Ways is a brave attempt by the author to prove who and what we are – and how we can experience reality. We tend to think there is a distinct reality ‘out there’ which appears the same to everyone. We also think the universe is composed of ‘matter’ which has an immutable reality of its own. What if reality does not so much exist ‘out there’ as within our own sense perceptions? And what if we understood that as our sense perceptions change, reality, itself, changes?

In this rich and diverse compilation of perspectives, the author invites us to put together the puzzle pieces of our own lives and find our destiny as multi-dimensional agents of change, ultimately discovering ourselves as the source of reality itself. In truly knowing this, we set ourselves free. This awareness is the meeting place between Quantum Physics, String Theory, Psychotherapy, Advaita, Neurosciences, and Metaphysics. It is the source of our power, which we have come to reclaim now as human beings. For too long, we have given up our power and allegiance to systems and structures that have sought to enslave humanity and destroy the delicate balance of the living Earth. The author shows how to disentangle from confining systems of thought and to regain our true place as the caretakers of the Earth.”

 Kiara Windrider
Psychotherapist, researcher, healer and author of Year Zero: Time of the Great Shift

The author was born in 1954 in Highgate, London. She lived and worked there until retiring to the Indian Himalayas. In the remotest regions, she underwent a sixteen-year experiment and this book is a culmination of her discoveries. Her research into human psychology and ancient mysticism has spanned over fifty years. Initially, she nursed terminally ill adults and children and worked in various fields of social care. She underwent three psychotherapy training’s from different perspectives and practiced the profession for eighteen years. During this period, she synthesised psychological understanding and founded a (UKCP) psychotherapy training organization. She was a lecturer in other training institutes and also had a part-time practice in the N.H.S with a team of doctors, introducing psychotherapy into medical practice

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