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 This is dedicated to young people and anyone lost and confused in a world they can’t understand and don’t feel they really belong in.


Review: ‘Loves Mysterious Ways’ is a book containing treasures; open it at any page and you will be faced with an interesting and often a new way of looking at the world we live in.  The quotations from both science, psychology and mystical thought, would alone make this a worthwhile buy.  The author has linked these together with her own perceptions in a way that may well change your own, and ensure that they could have a profound impact on your future path in this life.’

Peter Bossom in the UK


Review: ‘I can only say that what brought me to read this book several times is the same thing that it  breathes; the awareness of feeling there is no separation and the encouragement to follow our intuition and act out of love.I cannot be more grateful, or happier, for the experience and I intend to remain in this state for as long as I can.’

Diego Romano from Argentina 


Review: ‘In this rich and diverse compilation of perspectives, the author invites us to put together the puzzle pieces of our own lives and find our destiny as multi-dimensional agents of change, ultimately discovering ourselves as the source of reality itself. She shows how to disentangle from confining systems of thought to regain our place as the caretakers of the Earth.’

Kiara Windrider, psychotherapist and author


This book is freely given to those undergoing financial hardship

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 ‘If you want to know what reality is, hang-out in the space between thoughts.’

Adapted from Alan Cohen’s quote


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 Narcissism & the Information Game

It’s Time to Get Wise

Once, the most wise and benign human beings guided their tribes, long before Kings and Queens and then corrupt politicians – and now the 1%.

Today – every which way we turn – we are being ruthlessly exploited. This has caused us to lose faith in the goodness of human nature and question if there really is sacredness behind life.

Full of psychological wisdom, this little book points to where the wind is behind our backs. It’s freely given to restore meaning and purpose – especially for the young carrying the entire weight of humanity’s follies.

Discover how, in a single day, we can unite to turn all the doom and gloom on its head and begin to create a world in which everything living can thrive.

Is it possible?  You bet your life it is!

(93 pages with illustrations)

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